West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

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Let’s begin journey on West Midlands Wedding Photography Blog


Hi… and welcome on my wedding photography blog.

I’m Marek Kuzlik, wedding photographer based in Coventry. I live the border of West Midlands and Warwickshire.  I’ve been photographing “big days” since 2014, and now, I wish to share with you my passion to wedding photography and everything what is around it. I will post photos from recent weddings across Midlands and other parts of the UK, some tips and movies.

I’d like to invite you to my wedding website: www.mkweddingphotography.com

Shustoke Barns - west midlands
Groom and his best man just before the wedding ceremony.


A little bit more about me, and my equipment.

I was born in Poland, and I have artistic background. I was studying graphic design and photography. And it looks, that I have chosen the second option. To be honest, I still use a lot of knowledge from desing, which helps me to create stunning wedding images for couples across West Midlands, and rest of UK.

I use Nikon Cameras, and selection of Nikon, and Sigma lenses, from top zooms to the best prime lenses. My favourite one is Sigma 35mm f1.4  – very specific, I would even describe it as danger lens…. but if you know how to use it, it is amazing lens.

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My style…

Natural with touch of creativity. I take a lot of photos during the wedding day to create detailed story of the day. It doesn’t mean I just click…. Every single frame, lighting, composition is created in my mind… then I press shutter button. In my wedding photography I avoid posing. I prefer to guide my couples, give them an idea rather than asking them to look straight into camera, and asking to “move your hand higher” bent your head….etc  I just capture right natural emotions between them.


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