Wedding photography in Coventry

Wedding photography in Coventry

Hello, and thank you for visiting my mini wedding photography blog. Today a couple of words about wedding photography in Coventry, Warwickshire/West Midlands.

Some time ago, I have presented you with some wedding photos from Coventry Registry Office but today I’m going to take you to the town centre of Coventry, and the surrounding area…


Coventry town centre, and one from the most recognisable places in Coventry. Coventry Transport Museum. I had an opportunity to photograph this couple in 2016. They got married at the Coventry Registry Office, and then we have moved to the town centre. Mr and Mrs, me – MK Wedding Photography and a lot of equipment. Cameras, stands, flashes, screen reflector and the best man who worked as my assistant 🙂

You can believe or not but I was the first wedding photographer in Coventry, who took a wedding couple there… (It was 2016, and at the time I didn’t find any wedding photo which has been taken next to Coventry Transport Museum), possibly it has changed now. Because when I published this photo on my Facebook’s profile (here), many local photographers commented on it.

Bayley Ln, Coventry, CV1 5RN

The most beautiful street in Coventry. And as you can see, a great place for some nice wedding photos. Behind the newlywed, you can see a gate to St Mary’s Guildhall – great gothic wedding venue, and on the left side… ruins of Coventry Cathedral.


Just in front of BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. It was time for a short rest.  They sat on a bench, and I was packing my cameras to a bag. When I have turned towards them, I spotted this situation… I couldn’t avoid this moment.


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