Must have wedding photos

Must have wedding photos

Hello. MK Wedding Photography is a West Midlands wedding photographer who creates stunning wedding photo stories for a wedding couple across Midlands and other areas of the UK. His work, his you can see in many places on the internet. It’s not hard to find MK Wedding Photography in Social Media and www sites. It is worth to spend a couple of minutes to search for him and with a big pleasure look at his work. Here is the link to his main website, where you can find the full story of him – MK Wedding Photography


A wedding day

OK. let’s back on the track. Let’s back to the list of photos which every single bride and groom want have in their wedding album:

In case if a wedding photographer attends the event to cover a full day. Will start on the morning bride preparation. It is an opportunity for every single photographer to present some nice shots from “changing” process. Another point in the wedding schedule is a wedding ceremony. The official and legal part of the day. The next step is… usually after the wedding ceremony we – photographers have the time for some photos, and then we go back to the venue, where the wedding party start their meal. Then speeches, cutting the wedding cake, and finally the first dance.

That’s how the day looks like. My job is to pick a few moments only to create a little gallery with MUST HAVE PHOTOS


  1. Preparation for the wedding day
  2. Flowers
  3. Wedding dress
  4. Wedding venue
  5. Wedding cake
  6. Groom before the ceremony
  7. Just before the ceremony
  8. The entrance of the bride
  9. The wedding ceremony
  10. The rings
  11. Signing the registry
  12. Confetti shots
  13. Bridesmaids
  14. Gentleman team
  15. Photo session of the bride and groom
  16. Details
  17. Speeches
  18. General life on the wedding day
  19. Cutting the cake
  20. The first dance
  21. Party



Early stage of the wedding preparation.Commbe Abbey wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography (2 of 24)

and just before… the bride is readya&a (89 of 764)

wedding flowers…v&a-57

a wedding dressCommbe Abbey wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography (6 of 24)

a wedding venuedunchurch park hotel (4 of 66)

wedding cakeCommbe Abbey wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography (16 of 24)

groom’s preparationa&a (123 of 764)

just beforeKaty & Paul (14 of 33)

the entrance of the brideKaty & Paul (20 of 33)

wedding ceremony.e&m (12 of 38).jpg

ringsS&G (147 of 335)

registry bookd&v (265 of 741).jpg


S&R (245 of 435).jpg

gentlemendunchurch park hotel (47 of 66)

LadiesD&V (37 of 67).jpg

a photo sessionE&M (1 of 1).jpg

detailsa&a (121 of 764)


lifed&v (454 of 741)



partyCommbe Abbey wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography (22 of 24)


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