How much a wedding cost?

How much a wedding cost?


Hello and welcome on a new blog where we will talk about wedding inspirations, about wedding photography, and we will give you some tips… about a wedding in UK.

How much a wedding may cost? As a West Midlands wedding photographer, I had an opportunity to photograph over 100 weddings across West Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, London, and to be honest many other locations across the country in the last couple of years. I have been in many stunning wedding venues but I was photographing weddings in social clubs as well.

Cost of expensive and budget wedding for 100 people.

OK. I won’t give you a specific quote specific wedding. it will be my true reflection based on my knowledge, stories heard from my brides and other people in the business. I do not want to give you full names of the suppliers, stores, and other details because I do not have permission… I didn’t ask for it.

The statement will include many points and at the same time you can find out that many are missing. OK, let’s start.


Costs of a wedding venue

I believe the starting point of organising a wedding day is to clarify the budget and choosing a wedding venue. Before I have started my journey in wedding photography, I was aware of only a couple of wedding venues in my area where I based. Therefore, I established that weddings may take place in 100’s of places around West Midlands and Warwickshire.

Back to the money. How much you can spend on it? Some time ago I photographed a wedding day near Milton Keynes, where my couple paid £189 p/p  Let’s invite 100 guests for the wedding. This specific venue will cost £18900

The budget place was a social club near Birmingham. I was there in 2014, and my couple has invited around 100 guests. So in both options, we have a similar amount of wedding guests. The total cost of the venue was £1800

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Cost of a wedding dress

The story is from different weddings. In 2017 one from my brides told me that she bought her wedding dress at a wedding store in Birmingham for £2100 The dress was simple and beautiful. It is exactly the same as a dress of my other bride who bought the dress of eBay for £120. I add that there was no difference in photos.

Expensive wedding – £21000 / budget wedding – £1920

Cost of Groom suit.

And again we have a big difference. One from grooms from 2018 has purchased his suit for £1200. In my opinion a lot of money on clothes which you will use once. The other one from the same year didn’t spend any penny for a wedding suit. He has used the one he found in his wardrobe.

Expensive wedding – £22200 / budget wedding – £1920

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Cost of bridesmaids dresses.

On a wedding in 2016 I had 8 bridesmaids and they had dresses worth £2312. As a comment I can add, they were amazing. on the other side… well £0,  ladies have decided to use own dresses. which option was better for me as a wedding photographer? The first one! Some samples of wedding photography in West Midlands here. 

Expensive wedding – £24512/ budget wedding – £1920

Cost of wedding shoes bride/groom

Shoes. The most expensive one which I’m aware of was Prada for £550 for the bride, and for a groom (not the same wedding) around £400  on the other side a bride paid for shoe £24, and let say the groom could spend around £40 (estimated)

Expensive wedding – £25462/ budget wedding – £1984


Wedding photographer

That’s my field. I know how much my couples pay for my service but today won’t be about me. In the South West you can find a photographer who will charge you £3500

and you will get full day coverage and around 500 photos. For an album, you have to add a lot of money (from £600). I’m on social media, and from time to time I can see adverts stating: “full day coverage, 2 photographers, 100’s photos, an album…” for £325 – no comment!

Expensive wedding – £29562/ budget wedding – £2609



£4000 vs £350 big difference? OK, I know some really good guys who create wedding video, and they work price range around £1200 The effect is much better than the cheapest option and is nearly the same as the expensive option. 🙂

Expensive wedding – £33562/ budget wedding – £2959


I have met a DJ at a wedding in London. he was from Birmingham, and he charged £1000 The same year, Warwickshire, nice hotel, and DJ for £200 …hmmm

Expensive wedding – £34562/ budget wedding – £3159

Wedding band

If I will get married, I won’t save money on live music. £3000 vs £450

Expensive wedding – £37562/ budget wedding – £3609



Let’s be honest, rings look similar to others, only material which they were made affecting the price. Some brands ask for even more because they are recognisable around the world. And what I spotted at my weddings was… £1400 vs 340

Expensive wedding – £38962/ budget wedding – £3949

Commbe Abbey wedding photography by Mk Wedding photography (12 of 24)


Hairdresser & mua

Above I mentioned about 8 bridesmaids, so lets base on it. One lady and her support (London)charged £120 p/p and it gives us £1080 One lady in West Midlands charge £40 p/p £360 but I was on many weddings where costs were much lower… MUA in the bridesmaid’s team.

Expensive wedding – £40062/ budget wedding – £4309


OK, let’s finish at this point. As you can see many things we can add but it is not the point. I gave you 2 different options for a wedding day. I also give some comments, opinions but it is only my reflection and I understand if you do not agree with me.

West Midlands area where I live is not the most expensive in the country and as I read on big wedding portal for brides, the average cost of the wedding in the area is just above £30000

My calculations based on wedding suppliers which I met at weddings across UK (2014-2018)

Expensive wedding – £40062/ budget wedding – £4309






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