Pre-wedding photo session, advice from West Midlands wedding photographer.

Do I need a pre-wedding photo session with our wedding photographer?

Is it worth to spend extra money on photo session before our wedding day?

When to arrange a session with a photographer.

In this blog, you will find an answer to those questions and possibly more.  Please spend a couple of minutes to read the text to the end.  You will find here some tips and possible answers.

I am Mark from MK Wedding Photography and I am one from the best Wedding photographer in Coventry, West Midlands. For more info about my services please visit my website


Should I book a photographer for a pre-wedding photo session? Your West Midlands wedding photographer will say yes. For you and for the photographer it is a great opportunity to see how we will behave in front of the camera. It will definitely make your life easier on the wedding day.

Pre-wedding photo session with your dreamed wedding photographer will give you a lot of nice portraits of you. Not the ones which have been taken on your phone on a part, which often are blurred, overexposed or just badly framed. Beside visual effect, you will get some knowledge about the photographer who will spend with you a whole day on your wedding day.

MK Wedding Photography includes a pre-wedding session in some of the full day packages. So the cost of the photos is included in very reasonable price of the package. I add to clear that. Like the one from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands, I keep reasonably priced packages. Premium packages with great photo albums.

If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, I would recommend trying to find the one who will have pre-wedding session included in the price of the packages. It will help to save some money. Which you can spend on gifts for your guests or just for a good bottle of Champaign.


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