One from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands

One from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands

Who loves wedding photos? I’m pretty sure… brides and grooms and their families 🙂  To be honest, and serious, I think everybody loves great wedding photos.

Wedding photography in Coventry West Midladns
A photo from a wedding photo session in Coventry town centre West Midlands



If you would like to read a little bit about a wedding story at Wootton park in May 2019, created by one from the best wedding photographer in West Midlands – MK Wedding Photography, have a click in the link below.


Wootton park by west midlands wedding photographer


Wedding photographer in Coventry

Wedding photographer in Coventry – MK Wedding Photography


Wedding photography in Coventry.

MK Wedding Photography is the brand established in 2014 and after a couple of years, it became one from the most recognizable wedding photography brands in the Coventry area. Hard marketing work on Social media and at SEO field have pushed MK Wedding Photography to the top.  In 2018 one from local weddings websites has picked me for “TOP 3 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN COVENTRY” – nice.

Anyway, I based in Keresley End, near Coventry where I run a large garden photography studio, and on the side of this, I do wedding photography. This is what I like, and this is what I’m going to do in the next couple of years.

MK Wedding Photography’s coverage area.

I’m one of the wedding photographers in Coventry and I know many wedding venues in the area. Do I photograph many weddings at those venues? No. I cover a large area of the UK and most of my work comes from other wedding venues across West Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and much more. But I do not cover the whole country.

MK Wedding Photography’s best wedding venues in Coventry.

Well. In Coventry, we can find many wedding venues. Every single one very different from the others and I have my favorite ones.

St Mary’s Guild Hall, a wedding venue in Coventry town Centre.


The Guild Hall located in Coventry’s town center is my favorite one. From a photography point of view, it is a very interesting place and gives many opportunities for outstanding wedding photos.

Coventry Registry Office, Warwickshire

The main point in Coventry if we are thinking about weddings. I do not want to describe the place in details but “Black Prince Room” is an incredibly nice place. Nice lighting but in some specific conditions, it may be very problematic for some photographers.

The Chase Hotel, Coventry, Warwickshire

The third, and the last wedding venue in Coventry on this list. I love The Chase Hotel because of an amazing staircase. This is the area where I can take all the photos from a wedding day and it won’t look the same.


Here is the link to “a wedding story in Coventry”   – for those who are looking for some inspirations.


How to find your best wedding photographer in Coventry?

You won’t find me at wedding fairs because I have changed my strategy and since the middle of last year I have decided on online marketing. It works much better at the present time. Across the internet, you can find me easy. You can view MK Wedding Photography’s galleries in many places like the business website, Facebook, Instagram, and many wedding directories. For those who like my work, and can accept investment in my service I’m always available for a meeting and proper chat.



5 best wedding venues in West Midlands, Shropshire and Warwickshire

5 best wedding venues in West Midlands, Shropshire and Warwickshire


Hello, After a long break because it was probably around 2 weeks, your wedding photographer from Coventry MK Wedding Photography came back with a set of wedding venues, where I had a pleasure to photograph in the last year.

Traditionally, it will be subjective “competition” for the best wedding venue. It will be a true reflection about places where I have been, and where I photographed weddings.

OK, let’s start.


NO 5

Brandon Hall, Coventry, West Midlands

In the last couple of years, I have been at Brandon Hall a couple of times, and as a one from wedding photographers in Coventry, I can say… I know this wedding venue and what is more important, I will be happy to come back there in the future. The venue is located just out of Coventry in a village Brandon.

Wedding photography at Brandon Hall

I was wondering many times why I want back to Brandon Hall? It is not a massive building, green area is not big. Lighting isn’t perfect but I still feel that need to photograph another wedding at the venue. Mabe all challenges I meet there, maybe because of every single time, I can discover new places and ideas for the photos? I don’t know. But is on the list.

Brandon Hall , Coventry West Midlands by MK Wedding Photography


NO 4

Nailcote Hall, Coventry, Warwickshire

The venue with a golf course where I can go with my wedding couples. And I think it is the most important point of this place. Interior of the building is also nice and gives me plenty of opportunities for nice photos. Nailcote Hall is located between Coventry and Solihull.

Wedding photography at Nailcote Hall.

It is not a popular place for me. I have been there maybe 4-5 times but always I was happy to photograph there. As I mentioned above Nailcote Hall has the golf course. This is the main place for taking wedding portraits of brides and grooms. Some small lakes, old oaks, and generally many beautiful areas for wedding photos.

g&l (18 of 432)


NO 3

Dunchurch Park Hotel, Dunchurch, Warwickshire

Dunchurch Park in village Dunchurch. It will be around 16 miles from Coventry, a couple of miles from Rugby and a couple of miles from Draycote Water, where I will be sailing very soon. I won’t write about this place, for all interested, I will provide links to all venues at the bottom of the post.

In this article, I express my impression as a wedding photographer.

Wedding photography at Dunchurch Park Hotel

Beautiful. I have one word to describe this wedding venue in Warwickshire. Amazing building with a great interior. Big park around with a small lake at the end of the park. Place where every single wedding couple goes with a photographer. I’ve been there as well. And with my off flash cameras, I have created epic images.

dunchurch park hotel (4 of 66)

NO 2

Swallows Nest Barn

Nest Barn, located next to M40 near Warwick. I’ve been there once, and I believe I will have more opportunities to photograph weddings there. I feel hungry. I’m aware that in November last year I haven’t done everything that I could but anyway I have created a great job there.

Wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn.

Small wedding venue located between small hills, which may give some unusual opportunities for creative images in the future. Very quiet place. Place where you can rest, and enjoy a wedding day. Even if you are a wedding photographer.

Wat was important for me? Nice lighting all day round, and great backgrounds.

Ch& J-541


NO 1

The Mill Barns

A wedding venue in Shropshire. If you are getting married and still looking for your wedding venue – have a look at The Mill Barns website. If you are a wedding photographer and the venue is in your range – do everything to get a job there.

Wedding photography at The Mill Barns

Separate preparation room. Big, with many mirrors but bad lighting, the rest is just PERFECT. I think an architect who designs this complex was thinking about photographers 🙂

As a wedding photographer from Coventry, I have to drive to the barns around 1,5 hr but I think I love this place so much that I can travel there every single day. Here is a link to a little gallery from The Mill Barns

a&a (8 of 764)


Nailcote Hall 

The Mill Barns

Dunchurch Park Hotel

Brandon Hall

Swallows Nest Barn


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Wedding photographer West Midlands – January sale.

Wedding photographer West Midlands – January sale.


the best wedding packages west midlandsHappy New Year to all future brides and grooms. I’m happy to announce that MK Wedding Photography has just started it’s “January SALE” for all wedding photography packages. This is great opportunity to book your fantastic wedding photographer based in West Midlands for less.


What’s the January sale mean for you?

From 1st January till 31st January all couples who will contact me and will be interested in my wedding photography will have a chance to save some money on my fantastic premium wedding packages. It doesn’t mean that you have to book me straight away. I can freeze all costs for reasonable amount of time.

L&M (594 of 897)

Sample wedding photo package


Basic full day (10hrs)

  • initial wedding consultations
  • – me, as your wedding photographer for full day from the bride preparation till the first dance,
  • – unlimited number of images (min 700)
  • – an online gallery with free downloads for family and friends
  • – USB memory stick with all edited photos
  • – 2x frames 14″ x 11″
  • – one from premium wedding photo albums in an elegant box 12” x 12” 100 photos
  • 20 prints (10×8)

consultations – or is better to say meeting with a cup of coffee or tea in a hand, where we can exchange many ideas regarding your wedding day. Where we have a chance to make plan for your wedding day.

me.. your photographer – a person who will spend all day with you. My goal is create natural and detailed wedding photo story for you! And as always I do. More about myself, and my work on our wedding consultations.

photos – those couples who had an opportunity to invite me for their wedding day know how much great photos may get. 700 from full day is absolute minimum. sometimes I’m able to deliver more than 1000 unique images from full day coverage. Again.. more about it on our consultations in the future.

Contact me for more info if you are interested…


I will answer all your questions, and tell you more about the offer.


Current cost of the package is only £850 (vilid till 31/01/2019)

The best wedding packages – West Midlands

The best wedding packages – West Midlands

the best wedding packages west midlands


Today about packages, and why to choose Mk Wedding Photography as your wedding photographer in West Midlands / Warwickshire area. So, why to choose?… about this later. The article title says about “best wedding packages”. Let’s have look on it.


Wedding packages – possibly the best wedding packages in Midlands.

If you have a couple of seconds, let’s have a look on my ( packages and prices site ). Have you been there?

And what? Looks similar to other photographers packages?

Let’s start from the beginning. We start from initial consultation. Everybody on the market does exactly the same but how many of us, of wedding photographer do not charge for it? I’m sure some of them, and I’m one of them. As an advantage, I can only say that some of my consultations take place in my photography studio, where I can take some portrait photos of my future clients.  It helps. And I can say that’s great marketing tool.

usb wedding

Me as your wedding photographer on a wedding in West Midlands or other place in the UK.

Natural, lifestyle or however we are going to name it became very popular in the UK in the last couple of years. And when I look on websites across my area – West Midlands, I can see that most of us offer “natural” wedding photography.  I won’t give you names but if in photographer’s portfolio you can see 9 out of 10 photos being staged, or posed 10 min to capture an amazing image… is it natural.

In my case… Let’s couple to enjoy the day! Give them a chance to celebrate their wedding day with family and guests, not with the photographer. I understand, we are part of the day, (someone may say). Yes we are, and nobody will say that we are not. But in my opinion, we are still at work. It doesn’t mean that a wedding photographer can’t enjoy the day, and catch great contact with wedding couple and their guests, as I do.

I want to say. Be discreet. Catch the moment. Avoid posing, staging. You can do better job if you will wait until THAT moment comes.

Editing wedding photos.

Don’t lie your clients, explain the process to them.

I shoot a lot of weddings every single year, and it gives me tens of thousands photos to edit every year. I do not ask third party companies to make my job. I do not use purchased presets because those photo stories won’t be mine from the beginning to the end. If you don’t agree with me. Comment below.


So, i edit my photos by myself, and every single couple will receive from me around 700 great images from full day coverage. Very often is more.

All my weddings couples will see some samples photos within 24 hrs after the wedding day.

How I present those photos to my clients?

I use an online gallery. Password protected gallery, where all fantastic photos from weddings across West Midlands, and other areas of the UK, are nicely presented in full wedding photo story.

Wedding photography across UK.

I photograph weddings not only in my area where i live – West Midlands. I also travel to other areas of the UK, sometimes even abroad for destination weddings. I do not charge foe weddings in radius of 100 miles from my place (in case if it is high end of full day package).


How looks the best wedding package in West Midlands, UK ?

  • pre-wedding session
  • initial wedding consultations
  • a venue visit
  • me, as your wedding photographer for full day from the bride preparation till the first dance or even more
  • unlimited number of images (min 700-800)
  • an online gallery with free downloads for family and friends
  • 2x frames 14″ x 11″
  • Complete album set (box+usb+album) 12” x 12” 150 photos
  • 2 x parental photo albums 8″ x 8″
  • 50 prints 10″x8″


usb weddingalbum

albums facebook


Beside an online gallery, all photos comes on quality USB stick in an elegant case. On top of that I offer wide range of premium photo albums, not cheap photo books, or albums where You have to attache printed photos. The highest quality, hand made, unique design from modern styles to traditional wedding covers. All what you can imagine.

A little wedding story about quality of photo albums.

In spring 2018, a couple has contacted me regarding wedding photography somewhere in West Midlands. After nice chat, i have sent them full offer, and after a while I received a message from them…. We have found another photographer who offer very similar package for less money. Usually, I leave the case but at t his occasion, I asked for more details.

Finally, I clarified, that there was no gallery, which at the present time is not up to date. A stick, was a Chinese wooden stick, 2nd generation, without box, and with poor quality. A story book. Cheap PHOTO BOOK, not premium piece of high end hand crafted album. Hidden extra costs, and low res photos at the end 🙂

No comments….

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.








Which camera is the best for weddings ?

Which camera is the best for weddings



Which one?

Every single photographer will say something different. I will tell you about my experience, and equipment I use in day to day work across West Midlands and Warwickshire.

So, I’m Nikon guy.



I tested Canons, Sonys, but I stick to “N” brand. From 2015, my main tool in wedding photography is NIkon D4s, heavy, bulky piece of magnesium, plastic, and rubber. The second body is smaller D750 with larger sensor (24mp) vs 16mp in D4s.

However, in my opinion, sensor is not so important in wedding photography. Some time ago i have used Nikon D800 with 36mp sensor, and it was tooooooo much for me. That’s why I have purchased D750.

What is the best in D4s in wedding photography.

Many wedding venues across West Midlands and Warwickshire is dark. If is dark, a wedding photographer has to increase ISO or reduce shutter speed, or open a lens for max aperture.  There is second option.. to stop the wedding ceremony, and ask registrars, and a couple to stand still, because photographer has to find reasonable settings in the camera….. Of course it is impossible. And nobody at the wedding ceremony or even later during the first dance. Which usually takes place after the sunset won’t do this for photographer. That’s why is so important to have right equipment, and what is more important knowledge about it, and knowledge about limitations of the equipment.

So, why Nikon D4s is so good for me?

– ISO range

– Auto focus

I mentioned about dark wedding venues across West Midlands. High ISO helps in those places. You can trust me or not but in D4s ISO 10000 is still usable in some conditions. Noise is reasonable, and


Autofocus…. In my opinion it was the best auto focus till 2017, when Sony A7 3gen has been relisted witH it’s eye focus. A lot of sport photographers use D4s in sport photography, motorsport, and everywhere where you have to capture fast moving objects. In my case as West Midlands wedding photographer I can appreciate auto focus in low light condition. Even if is totally dark, and other cameras won’t be able to catch the focus, my Nikon can😀

I give you an example…

November 2018, a hotel located in the heart of West Midlands. I was just after the first dance. I had many relaxed people bouncing on the dance floor. Extremely low light condition. From time to time wedding guests were hit by flashing light set by music band which was entertaining during the evening wedding party. I took my Nikon, with flash on the hot shoe. I set continues group focus because my objects were moving. And I start shooting. I haven’t seen to much trough view finder but my camera does.

Ch& J-721

What I don’t like

– size

– weight


Beside Canon Eos 1, Nikon D4s is the biggest full frame camera on the market,  and it impossible to discrete while taking a wedding photos.

Weight.  Body’s weight is approx. 1350g. If I add one from my favourite 70-200 f2.8 the total weight goes up to around 3000g. If you hold this set up in your hands for a couple of hours, you can be sure that on the next day you will feel pain in your hands.

But is still lighter than Nikon D5 🙂