A wedding day by west midlands wedding photographer.

A wedding day by west midlands wedding photographer.


glass of champagne at wedding in west midlands
glass of champagne

This time a couple of words, couple of images from a wedding day at beautiful wedding venue – The Mill Barns. 

The venue isn’t located in West Midlands but in hilly Shropshire.

Some info about the venue you can find here  or just go to my website: www.mkweddingphotography.com Some info you can find there.

As a wedding photographer, every year I have an opportunity to work in many beautiful wedding venues across all UK but this one has a special place in my heart. That’s why, I take so many photos of the building and it’s interior. Everywhere something interesting.

The next stage of the wedding was? … bride and her team preparation. At this occasion, everything went smooth and easy. Ladies were ready long time before the wedding ceremony, so we had some time for fun in front of my cameras. It was unusual situation, usually ladies are late 🙂



And, we get to the weding ceremony. Big room, visible wooden construction, glass wall which put a lot of ambient light, and the groom with his best man awaiting the bride entrance… Silence… member of staf open the door…. music goes lauder, and bridal party walks trough an aisle… We have bride and groom together, and we are ready to start the wedding ceremony. Simply and short.

This is the time when I have to be ready for everything, for all important moments. that’s the time for a lot of clicks.


More about this wedding you will find


West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

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Let’s begin journey on West Midlands Wedding Photography Blog


Hi… and welcome on my wedding photography blog.

I’m Marek Kuzlik, wedding photographer based in Coventry. I live the border of West Midlands and Warwickshire.  I’ve been photographing “big days” since 2014, and now, I wish to share with you my passion to wedding photography and everything what is around it. I will post photos from recent weddings across Midlands and other parts of the UK, some tips and movies.

I’d like to invite you to my wedding website: www.mkweddingphotography.com

Shustoke Barns - west midlands
Groom and his best man just before the wedding ceremony.


A little bit more about me, and my equipment.

I was born in Poland, and I have artistic background. I was studying graphic design and photography. And it looks, that I have chosen the second option. To be honest, I still use a lot of knowledge from desing, which helps me to create stunning wedding images for couples across West Midlands, and rest of UK.

I use Nikon Cameras, and selection of Nikon, and Sigma lenses, from top zooms to the best prime lenses. My favourite one is Sigma 35mm f1.4  – very specific, I would even describe it as danger lens…. but if you know how to use it, it is amazing lens.

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My style…

Natural with touch of creativity. I take a lot of photos during the wedding day to create detailed story of the day. It doesn’t mean I just click…. Every single frame, lighting, composition is created in my mind… then I press shutter button. In my wedding photography I avoid posing. I prefer to guide my couples, give them an idea rather than asking them to look straight into camera, and asking to “move your hand higher” bent your head….etc  I just capture right natural emotions between them.