Which camera is the best for weddings ?

Which camera is the best for weddings



Which one?

Every single photographer will say something different. I will tell you about my experience, and equipment I use in day to day work across West Midlands and Warwickshire.

So, I’m Nikon guy.



I tested Canons, Sonys, but I stick to “N” brand. From 2015, my main tool in wedding photography is NIkon D4s, heavy, bulky piece of magnesium, plastic, and rubber. The second body is smaller D750 with larger sensor (24mp) vs 16mp in D4s.

However, in my opinion, sensor is not so important in wedding photography. Some time ago i have used Nikon D800 with 36mp sensor, and it was tooooooo much for me. That’s why I have purchased D750.

What is the best in D4s in wedding photography.

Many wedding venues across West Midlands and Warwickshire is dark. If is dark, a wedding photographer has to increase ISO or reduce shutter speed, or open a lens for max aperture.  There is second option.. to stop the wedding ceremony, and ask registrars, and a couple to stand still, because photographer has to find reasonable settings in the camera….. Of course it is impossible. And nobody at the wedding ceremony or even later during the first dance. Which usually takes place after the sunset won’t do this for photographer. That’s why is so important to have right equipment, and what is more important knowledge about it, and knowledge about limitations of the equipment.

So, why Nikon D4s is so good for me?

– ISO range

– Auto focus

I mentioned about dark wedding venues across West Midlands. High ISO helps in those places. You can trust me or not but in D4s ISO 10000 is still usable in some conditions. Noise is reasonable, and acceptable.me


Autofocus…. In my opinion it was the best auto focus till 2017, when Sony A7 3gen has been relisted witH it’s eye focus. A lot of sport photographers use D4s in sport photography, motorsport, and everywhere where you have to capture fast moving objects. In my case as West Midlands wedding photographer I can appreciate auto focus in low light condition. Even if is totally dark, and other cameras won’t be able to catch the focus, my Nikon can😀

I give you an example…

November 2018, a hotel located in the heart of West Midlands. I was just after the first dance. I had many relaxed people bouncing on the dance floor. Extremely low light condition. From time to time wedding guests were hit by flashing light set by music band which was entertaining during the evening wedding party. I took my Nikon, with flash on the hot shoe. I set continues group focus because my objects were moving. And I start shooting. I haven’t seen to much trough view finder but my camera does.

Ch& J-721

What I don’t like

– size

– weight


Beside Canon Eos 1, Nikon D4s is the biggest full frame camera on the market,  and it impossible to discrete while taking a wedding photos.

Weight.  Body’s weight is approx. 1350g. If I add one from my favourite 70-200 f2.8 the total weight goes up to around 3000g. If you hold this set up in your hands for a couple of hours, you can be sure that on the next day you will feel pain in your hands.

But is still lighter than Nikon D5 🙂