How to choose a wedding photographer. part 1

How to choose a wedding photographer – Advice from one from the best West Midlands Wedding photographer. part 1



Before I start, I have to clarify a couple of things. The post is dedicated to all wedding couples who are looking for quality photos and can spend a reasonable amount of money for a professional photographer.


Who I am and why I write about how to choose a photographer.

I am Marek Kuzlik and I am a wedding photographer from Coventry, West Midlands. I have been in the business for years, and during that time, I was able to create hundreds of breathtaking wedding photo stories. As 34 years old polish photographer in the United Kingdom, I have achieved great success on the local market, and after only a couple of years, I became the recognisable person in wedding photography life in West Midlands area.  If you have spare a couple of minutes, have a read what I can say about choosing a wedding photographer.

Meet more than two photographers.

I am aware that the time is money and many of you have no time to arrange a meeting with photographers who potentially may spend with you all your wedding day. In my opinion, this is a mistake.  A photographer still plays a very important role at your wedding day. So, it is good to have the right person with you. It is good to put a lot of effort to book the right wedding photographer.

If you finally decided to meet more than 2-3 wedding photographers from West Midlands… if you are from this area, you can compare their offers, personalities, quality of photos and approach to the wedding day. It might give you a clear vision of what you will need and what you will get.

Katy & Paul (14 of 33)

My meetings with clients.

Every year, MK Wedding Photography has an opportunity to meet more than 50 fantastic wedding couples every year. Of course, not everybody books me as the wedding photographer because simple, I wasn’t the right person. They were looking for different personality, different style, sometimes different budget. Sometimes higher, usually lower.

Also As one from the best wedding photographers in Coventry, I can say on the meeting that I am the person who won’t help you on your wedding day. And I do this  3-6 times a year. I am honest with my couples. Generally, most of my meetings finish successfully.

It is important to talk honestly with clients and during a chat is good to talk about many aspects of the wedding day.


Why couples book MK Wedding photography?

I will tell you that at the next wedding blog.








One from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands

One from the best wedding photographers in West Midlands

Who loves wedding photos? I’m pretty sure… brides and grooms and their families 🙂  To be honest, and serious, I think everybody loves great wedding photos.

Wedding photography in Coventry West Midladns
A photo from a wedding photo session in Coventry town centre West Midlands



If you would like to read a little bit about a wedding story at Wootton park in May 2019, created by one from the best wedding photographer in West Midlands – MK Wedding Photography, have a click in the link below.


Wootton park by west midlands wedding photographer

Wedding photography West Midlands – Birmingham wedding Jan 2019

Wedding photography West Midlands – Birmingham wedding Jan 2019

It was the first wedding for me – (MK Wedding Photography) in new 2019. Firstly, I photographer a wedding ceremony at the church in Birmingham, West Midlands, and secondly we moved to a wedding venue near Warwick in Warwickshire. A lot of driving that day, but at the same time great natural wedding photos.

As usually, I get to the church earlier, to have a chat with people, to check lighting condition, and generally where to be – co capture the best natural moments from the wedding ceremony.

As you know, MK Wedding Photography loves to capture detailed wedding photo stories, showing what happened in details. This time was exactly the same. I’ve created really detailed reportage from the church. I managed to capture not only the bride and groom, bot many nice images of guests arrived for the ceremony.

It was small church in the heart of Birmingham. The place had nice lighting, and I could use it in building quality images…

Wedding ceremony at the church in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Have a look on some photos from the ceremony.

And some photos after the ceremony… on the way out from the church.

After the ceremony we have moved to Hatton Arms near Warwick, Warwickshire. to the place where wedding reception took place, and below some photos from that place.


For more quality, natural wedding photography, I’d like to invite you to my wedding photography website, where you can see a lot of great wedding photography from West Midlands and Warwickshire click here

Find me on Instagram as

If you are looking for some wedding inspiration, some photos from wedding venues have look on MK Wedding Photography blog

Wedding photographer West Midlands – January sale.

Wedding photographer West Midlands – January sale.


the best wedding packages west midlandsHappy New Year to all future brides and grooms. I’m happy to announce that MK Wedding Photography has just started it’s “January SALE” for all wedding photography packages. This is great opportunity to book your fantastic wedding photographer based in West Midlands for less.


What’s the January sale mean for you?

From 1st January till 31st January all couples who will contact me and will be interested in my wedding photography will have a chance to save some money on my fantastic premium wedding packages. It doesn’t mean that you have to book me straight away. I can freeze all costs for reasonable amount of time.

L&M (594 of 897)

Sample wedding photo package


Basic full day (10hrs)

  • initial wedding consultations
  • – me, as your wedding photographer for full day from the bride preparation till the first dance,
  • – unlimited number of images (min 700)
  • – an online gallery with free downloads for family and friends
  • – USB memory stick with all edited photos
  • – 2x frames 14″ x 11″
  • – one from premium wedding photo albums in an elegant box 12” x 12” 100 photos
  • 20 prints (10×8)

consultations – or is better to say meeting with a cup of coffee or tea in a hand, where we can exchange many ideas regarding your wedding day. Where we have a chance to make plan for your wedding day.

me.. your photographer – a person who will spend all day with you. My goal is create natural and detailed wedding photo story for you! And as always I do. More about myself, and my work on our wedding consultations.

photos – those couples who had an opportunity to invite me for their wedding day know how much great photos may get. 700 from full day is absolute minimum. sometimes I’m able to deliver more than 1000 unique images from full day coverage. Again.. more about it on our consultations in the future.

Contact me for more info if you are interested…


I will answer all your questions, and tell you more about the offer.


Current cost of the package is only £850 (vilid till 31/01/2019)

The best wedding packages – West Midlands

The best wedding packages – West Midlands

the best wedding packages west midlands


Today about packages, and why to choose Mk Wedding Photography as your wedding photographer in West Midlands / Warwickshire area. So, why to choose?… about this later. The article title says about “best wedding packages”. Let’s have look on it.


Wedding packages – possibly the best wedding packages in Midlands.

If you have a couple of seconds, let’s have a look on my ( packages and prices site ). Have you been there?

And what? Looks similar to other photographers packages?

Let’s start from the beginning. We start from initial consultation. Everybody on the market does exactly the same but how many of us, of wedding photographer do not charge for it? I’m sure some of them, and I’m one of them. As an advantage, I can only say that some of my consultations take place in my photography studio, where I can take some portrait photos of my future clients.  It helps. And I can say that’s great marketing tool.

usb wedding

Me as your wedding photographer on a wedding in West Midlands or other place in the UK.

Natural, lifestyle or however we are going to name it became very popular in the UK in the last couple of years. And when I look on websites across my area – West Midlands, I can see that most of us offer “natural” wedding photography.  I won’t give you names but if in photographer’s portfolio you can see 9 out of 10 photos being staged, or posed 10 min to capture an amazing image… is it natural.

In my case… Let’s couple to enjoy the day! Give them a chance to celebrate their wedding day with family and guests, not with the photographer. I understand, we are part of the day, (someone may say). Yes we are, and nobody will say that we are not. But in my opinion, we are still at work. It doesn’t mean that a wedding photographer can’t enjoy the day, and catch great contact with wedding couple and their guests, as I do.

I want to say. Be discreet. Catch the moment. Avoid posing, staging. You can do better job if you will wait until THAT moment comes.

Editing wedding photos.

Don’t lie your clients, explain the process to them.

I shoot a lot of weddings every single year, and it gives me tens of thousands photos to edit every year. I do not ask third party companies to make my job. I do not use purchased presets because those photo stories won’t be mine from the beginning to the end. If you don’t agree with me. Comment below.


So, i edit my photos by myself, and every single couple will receive from me around 700 great images from full day coverage. Very often is more.

All my weddings couples will see some samples photos within 24 hrs after the wedding day.

How I present those photos to my clients?

I use an online gallery. Password protected gallery, where all fantastic photos from weddings across West Midlands, and other areas of the UK, are nicely presented in full wedding photo story.

Wedding photography across UK.

I photograph weddings not only in my area where i live – West Midlands. I also travel to other areas of the UK, sometimes even abroad for destination weddings. I do not charge foe weddings in radius of 100 miles from my place (in case if it is high end of full day package).


How looks the best wedding package in West Midlands, UK ?

  • pre-wedding session
  • initial wedding consultations
  • a venue visit
  • me, as your wedding photographer for full day from the bride preparation till the first dance or even more
  • unlimited number of images (min 700-800)
  • an online gallery with free downloads for family and friends
  • 2x frames 14″ x 11″
  • Complete album set (box+usb+album) 12” x 12” 150 photos
  • 2 x parental photo albums 8″ x 8″
  • 50 prints 10″x8″


usb weddingalbum

albums facebook


Beside an online gallery, all photos comes on quality USB stick in an elegant case. On top of that I offer wide range of premium photo albums, not cheap photo books, or albums where You have to attache printed photos. The highest quality, hand made, unique design from modern styles to traditional wedding covers. All what you can imagine.

A little wedding story about quality of photo albums.

In spring 2018, a couple has contacted me regarding wedding photography somewhere in West Midlands. After nice chat, i have sent them full offer, and after a while I received a message from them…. We have found another photographer who offer very similar package for less money. Usually, I leave the case but at t his occasion, I asked for more details.

Finally, I clarified, that there was no gallery, which at the present time is not up to date. A stick, was a Chinese wooden stick, 2nd generation, without box, and with poor quality. A story book. Cheap PHOTO BOOK, not premium piece of high end hand crafted album. Hidden extra costs, and low res photos at the end 🙂

No comments….

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.








Dunchurch Park Hotel – wedding photography by MK Wedding Photography

Marek Kuzlik Wedding Photography at Dunchurch Parh Hotel


Some time ago. I can even say long time ago. I had a pleasure to photograph a wedding day at Dunchurch Park Hotel. The hotel is located in beautiful area, in large park in the heart of Warwickshire in small village Dunchurch.

History of the building goes back to 19th century. More about history you can find (here)

That’s beautiful place, especially outside, however inside I found some lighting issues. But it is not the place to review the place. Generally, the day was amazing. Nice couple and guests, helpfull staff. And a lot of fun and very positive emotions during the day.

Please have look on the photo gallery below.


More about my visit to Dunchurch Parh Hotel you can find here.




West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

West Midlands wedding photographer Marek Kuzlik Wedding photography

L&M (594 of 897)


Let’s begin journey on West Midlands Wedding Photography Blog


Hi… and welcome on my wedding photography blog.

I’m Marek Kuzlik, wedding photographer based in Coventry. I live the border of West Midlands and Warwickshire.  I’ve been photographing “big days” since 2014, and now, I wish to share with you my passion to wedding photography and everything what is around it. I will post photos from recent weddings across Midlands and other parts of the UK, some tips and movies.

I’d like to invite you to my wedding website:

Shustoke Barns - west midlands
Groom and his best man just before the wedding ceremony.


A little bit more about me, and my equipment.

I was born in Poland, and I have artistic background. I was studying graphic design and photography. And it looks, that I have chosen the second option. To be honest, I still use a lot of knowledge from desing, which helps me to create stunning wedding images for couples across West Midlands, and rest of UK.

I use Nikon Cameras, and selection of Nikon, and Sigma lenses, from top zooms to the best prime lenses. My favourite one is Sigma 35mm f1.4  – very specific, I would even describe it as danger lens…. but if you know how to use it, it is amazing lens.

L&M (113 of 897)

My style…

Natural with touch of creativity. I take a lot of photos during the wedding day to create detailed story of the day. It doesn’t mean I just click…. Every single frame, lighting, composition is created in my mind… then I press shutter button. In my wedding photography I avoid posing. I prefer to guide my couples, give them an idea rather than asking them to look straight into camera, and asking to “move your hand higher” bent your head….etc  I just capture right natural emotions between them.