5 best wedding venues in West Midlands, Shropshire and Warwickshire

5 best wedding venues in West Midlands, Shropshire and Warwickshire


Hello, After a long break because it was probably around 2 weeks, your wedding photographer from Coventry MK Wedding Photography came back with a set of wedding venues, where I had a pleasure to photograph in the last year.

Traditionally, it will be subjective “competition” for the best wedding venue. It will be a true reflection about places where I have been, and where I photographed weddings.

OK, let’s start.


NO 5

Brandon Hall, Coventry, West Midlands

In the last couple of years, I have been at Brandon Hall a couple of times, and as a one from wedding photographers in Coventry, I can say… I know this wedding venue and what is more important, I will be happy to come back there in the future. The venue is located just out of Coventry in a village Brandon.

Wedding photography at Brandon Hall

I was wondering many times why I want back to Brandon Hall? It is not a massive building, green area is not big. Lighting isn’t perfect but I still feel that need to photograph another wedding at the venue. Mabe all challenges I meet there, maybe because of every single time, I can discover new places and ideas for the photos? I don’t know. But is on the list.

Brandon Hall , Coventry West Midlands by MK Wedding Photography


NO 4

Nailcote Hall, Coventry, Warwickshire

The venue with a golf course where I can go with my wedding couples. And I think it is the most important point of this place. Interior of the building is also nice and gives me plenty of opportunities for nice photos. Nailcote Hall is located between Coventry and Solihull.

Wedding photography at Nailcote Hall.

It is not a popular place for me. I have been there maybe 4-5 times but always I was happy to photograph there. As I mentioned above Nailcote Hall has the golf course. This is the main place for taking wedding portraits of brides and grooms. Some small lakes, old oaks, and generally many beautiful areas for wedding photos.

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NO 3

Dunchurch Park Hotel, Dunchurch, Warwickshire

Dunchurch Park in village Dunchurch. It will be around 16 miles from Coventry, a couple of miles from Rugby and a couple of miles from Draycote Water, where I will be sailing very soon. I won’t write about this place, for all interested, I will provide links to all venues at the bottom of the post.

In this article, I express my impression as a wedding photographer.

Wedding photography at Dunchurch Park Hotel

Beautiful. I have one word to describe this wedding venue in Warwickshire. Amazing building with a great interior. Big park around with a small lake at the end of the park. Place where every single wedding couple goes with a photographer. I’ve been there as well. And with my off flash cameras, I have created epic images.

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NO 2

Swallows Nest Barn

Nest Barn, located next to M40 near Warwick. I’ve been there once, and I believe I will have more opportunities to photograph weddings there. I feel hungry. I’m aware that in November last year I haven’t done everything that I could but anyway I have created a great job there.

Wedding photography at Swallows Nest Barn.

Small wedding venue located between small hills, which may give some unusual opportunities for creative images in the future. Very quiet place. Place where you can rest, and enjoy a wedding day. Even if you are a wedding photographer.

Wat was important for me? Nice lighting all day round, and great backgrounds.

Ch& J-541


NO 1

The Mill Barns

A wedding venue in Shropshire. If you are getting married and still looking for your wedding venue – have a look at The Mill Barns website. If you are a wedding photographer and the venue is in your range – do everything to get a job there.

Wedding photography at The Mill Barns

Separate preparation room. Big, with many mirrors but bad lighting, the rest is just PERFECT. I think an architect who designs this complex was thinking about photographers 🙂

As a wedding photographer from Coventry, I have to drive to the barns around 1,5 hr but I think I love this place so much that I can travel there every single day. Here is a link to a little gallery from The Mill Barns

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Nailcote Hall 

The Mill Barns

Dunchurch Park Hotel

Brandon Hall

Swallows Nest Barn


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