How to choose a wedding photographer. part 1

How to choose a wedding photographer – Advice from one from the best West Midlands Wedding photographer. part 1



Before I start, I have to clarify a couple of things. The post is dedicated to all wedding couples who are looking for quality photos and can spend a reasonable amount of money for a professional photographer.


Who I am and why I write about how to choose a photographer.

I am Marek Kuzlik and I am a wedding photographer from Coventry, West Midlands. I have been in the business for years, and during that time, I was able to create hundreds of breathtaking wedding photo stories. As 34 years old polish photographer in the United Kingdom, I have achieved great success on the local market, and after only a couple of years, I became the recognisable person in wedding photography life in West Midlands area.  If you have spare a couple of minutes, have a read what I can say about choosing a wedding photographer.

Meet more than two photographers.

I am aware that the time is money and many of you have no time to arrange a meeting with photographers who potentially may spend with you all your wedding day. In my opinion, this is a mistake.  A photographer still plays a very important role at your wedding day. So, it is good to have the right person with you. It is good to put a lot of effort to book the right wedding photographer.

If you finally decided to meet more than 2-3 wedding photographers from West Midlands… if you are from this area, you can compare their offers, personalities, quality of photos and approach to the wedding day. It might give you a clear vision of what you will need and what you will get.

Katy & Paul (14 of 33)

My meetings with clients.

Every year, MK Wedding Photography has an opportunity to meet more than 50 fantastic wedding couples every year. Of course, not everybody books me as the wedding photographer because simple, I wasn’t the right person. They were looking for different personality, different style, sometimes different budget. Sometimes higher, usually lower.

Also As one from the best wedding photographers in Coventry, I can say on the meeting that I am the person who won’t help you on your wedding day. And I do this  3-6 times a year. I am honest with my couples. Generally, most of my meetings finish successfully.

It is important to talk honestly with clients and during a chat is good to talk about many aspects of the wedding day.


Why couples book MK Wedding photography?

I will tell you that at the next wedding blog.